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Our Range of education services are designed to:

  • Assist people prevent senior or elder wealth abuse.
  • Create more awareness.
  • Be a Communication Hub.
  • Offer essential tools to help protect senior members of our society from financial abuse.

It could be: A friend? A family member? Client?

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Abuse of Seniors wealth is MUCH HIGHER than you think!

Percentage of people 65 or older in Australia (est):1

  • 1991 10.7%
  • 2001 12%
  • 2021 18%
  • 2031 21%

... maltreatment [of seniors] cuts across economic, social, religious and educational lines...2

~ Pillemer and Finkelhor (1988) ~

Essential Tools:

The occurrence of financial abuse of seniors is much higher than most know.

Being savvy and taking action is the key to prevention:

  1. Become more informed … read Anne’s compelling eBook
  2. Know why and ‘what to do’ with the recently released Protecting Seniors’ Wealth Guide
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What People Are Saying:

Your website has some interesting content, I really like the general theme and message you are portraying.
There are too many people being taken advantage of and it’s great to see someone doing something about it!

Jason Reynolds

Director, Financial Advisor., Action Wealth

As an ending full-time carer for my late mother, I am chuffed to see your site.
Only last night, I have found out that family have lost some inheritance due to dubious family members.

Linda Daniel

JP, Editor., Soul Editing

From being proactive – plan ahead with a valid will and get your affairs in order – to acting on instinct and taking the initiative by checking unaccounted for withdrawals, Anne uses everyday language and a no-nonsense approach to tackling the issue.

The Senior

1, 2