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An Expert Educational Resource With Professional Ethics

Anne McGowan is a recognised expert and has assembled a panel of experts and developed a range of educational programs and informative practical tools designed for the service providers who assist clients and customers with their finances, and for seniors and the general public seeking information.

Having the right information is absolutely vital for professionals as is essential guides for senior people or those genuinely helping them, for the prevention of financial senior exploitation and fraud.

Innovative and strategic, Protecting Seniors Wealth has emerged as a leading company with an impeccable professional reputation for providing industry tailored presentations and reference material for the retirement demographic and industry sectors and provides a broad range of education, training, strategic consulting services and publications.

Anne McGowan CEO Protecting Seniors WealthAnne McGowan

Founder and CEO

Over the past eight years, Anne McGowan as Chief Executive of Protecting Seniors Wealth, director, expert consultant, author, training workshop facilitator and keynote speaker, brings specialised skills and expertise, along with her extensive knowledge gained over years of investigations into the growing unwanted trend of financial senior exploitation and fraud, working on programs for better solutions to improve outcomes.

Anne's business, consulting and educator background began in banking, then for over a decade as a professional public relations consultant establishing a successful public relations company consulting for corporations and high-level executives, and later utilising that extensive expertise in teaching tertiary business communications and course preparation.

Establishing a results-oriented dedicated resource that partners, collaborates and networks with industries, sourcing and investigating data and research and delivering expert training programs for clients, Anne strongly believes in the rights of seniors, elders, vulnerable people, and highly commends the tireless efforts of dedicated people who help them and all the service providers.

Integrity AND Ethics Modality

Ethical behaviour tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Corporations prefer to maintain their clients for the long term, their business and investment deposits. Senior people prefer to maintain their right to choose, dignity and lifestyle. Focusing on protecting these rights, preventing or avoiding or effectively dealing with situations in the most efficient way possible is in everyone’s best interests.

Anne has been instrumental in Protecting Seniors Wealth’s ability to source and share key data examining the issue, new insights, impacts, growth rate, industry analysis, and how this will influence our future in business and people’s lives.

She was a featured keynote speaker and delivered training sessions and workshops for corporations, financial adviser and professionals’ associations and seniors’ groups, and was invited to be an elder abuse committee member with a financial services peak body, invited to attend Forums in Australia and the United States, and has prepared submissions for Elder Abuse Inquiries.

The broad range of services are structured to help people and the corporations who assist seniors manage their financial affairs avoid or prevent wealth abuse.

Often referred to as senior or elder financial abuse, when Anne was first compelled to delve into the issue, after hearing extensively the real-life stories told by people who experienced it first-hand, it became obvious financial abuse leads to other forms of abuse, and the bar can be raised significantly towards prevention by gaining and sharing knowledge, research and data, and the delivery of very specific education and training.

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Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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