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Anne McGowan is a foremost expert in financial senior abuse and exploitation prevention and provides consultancy for the issue impacting the rapidly growing retirement senior demographic and service providers. Anne has been instrumental in creating more awareness and the development of accredited learning and education for superannuation, banking, financial planning, insurance, aged care specialist corporations.

The range of much needed accredited training for industry service providers is for advisers, support staff and management to gain a key skill set for how to best assist clients and members in a proactive well informed way and to retain safe and secure retirement clients long term.

The comprehensive continuing professional development helps attendees consider the risk and compliance, and increases employee proficiency levels, client satisfaction and how to improve outcomes, and builds confidence for attendees.  

Anne McGowan CEO Protecting Seniors WealthAnne McGowan

Founder and CEO

Anne is a respected expert, author and compelling keynote speaker, providing consultancy to service industries and facilitates professional development training that receives excellent attendee feedback. 

Anne's corporate business background began in banking, and while studying public relations, internal and external mass communications, Anne provided consultancy for prominent corporations and high-level executives, and was a tertiary business communications educator responsible for course development.

Anne has been invited to speak at industry events in New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, attend meetings in Washington DC, Forums in the United States, and prepared submissions for Inquiries.

For the past decade Anne has developed training programs, conducted extensive issue research and interviews, and continuously sources data. Anne's expertise contributes to the professional development and consultancy Protecting Seniors Wealth offer as a highly regarded preferred training partner. 

Risk and Compliance

The training program is extensive and considers investment risk, compliance, and impacts on consumers and service providers. Corporations prefer to retain their valued clients for the long term, their business and investment deposits. Senior retirement people prefer to maintain their right to choose, along with their dignity and lifestyle. Prevention or effectively dealing with situations is in everyone’s best interests.

Consultancy can deliver key insights for risk, compliance and procedures for corporations in the financial services industry, including superannuation funds, financial advice, banking, insurance, retirement planning and aged care specialists, peak bodies and associations. 

Driving value for industry service providers the training and consultancy is key and highly beneficial for the huge retirement senior cohort, and now with the greatest wealth transfer in history, this is high on the agenda for service providers as the unwanted trend is still growing and the bar can be raised significantly towards prevention by gaining the skills to improve proficiencies, outcomes, consumer retention and satisfaction.


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