About Protecting Seniors Wealth

An insightful company with exceptional expertise about the growing senior impact and improving best outcomes.

Company Overview

Protecting Seniors Wealth is an emerging leader in the issues relating to the rapidly increasing ageing population, with extensive expertise on the effect of financial senior exploitation, abuse and fraud. Under the leadership of Founder/CEO Anne McGowan, Protecting Senior Wealth has great understanding of the ramifications right across the broad as this unwanted trend impacts seniors, family, business, and how professionals can play a key role ensuring clients remain safe and secure, which is in everyone’s best interests.

The Protecting Seniors Wealth Opportunity

Now and in the foreseeable future, progressive industries, companies, organisations, management and professionals will be further challenged to develop communications strategies as the growing unwanted trend continues to impact seniors, clients, customers, families, service providers and businesses. This movement to change is prudent and valuable for everyone. Since its inception in 2014, the firm has provided a range of services with a focus on the prevention of financial senior abuse, for the benefit of the senior population and preserving their wealth, who are most impacted hardest, along with genuine family and carers, and the professional service providers who assist them.

  • Keynote Presentations that educate and motivate around opportunities and challenges of the issue’s effect on a maturing population for retirement and later years.
  • Education Programs that empower professionals for assisting in an informed way with ethical attitudes and with clients best interests in mind.
  • Expert Consulting that assists business with developing in house training programs, disclosure, client liaison, procedures, and policy.
  • Evaluative Research that contributes to business management and communication for their client base that promotes the company’s brand.
  • Publications that focus on actual cases and real-life stories, guides based on dealing with situations for best outcomes and prevention

Our clients engage one or more beneficial services, as we partner, connect or consult, and educate thousands of professionals.

To learn how Protecting Seniors Wealth can work with your company, please contact Anne McGowan at +61 (0) 477 556 011 or send an email.

Industries And Service Providers Positioned For Our Demand-Led Services

Financial Advisors

Legal Practitioners

Mortgage Finance Banking

Wealth / Property

Assisted Living

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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