Anne McGowan

IMG_8553Anne McGowan is the CEO of Protecting Seniors Wealth. As a company director, consultant, author, training workshop and speaker presentation producer and presenter, she brings specialised skills and expertise, along with her extensive knowledge gained over years of investigations into the growing unwanted trend of financial senior exploitation and working on programs for better protections.

Through delivering extensive training workshops, specialist consulting and keynotes, this focus assists businesses who help seniors manage their finances to position and present general to advanced material with impact for education and learning and professional development programs.

Anne was in banking and customer service, and later became a teacher and course coordinator of adult studies in business communications after a successful career as a qualified professional public relations consultant for many years, heading up her own consultancy company with many high profile corporate clients. Today, she's involved in the Protecting Seniors Wealth business, an elder advocate, a proud mother, and married to a dedicated member of Rotary International.

Anne strongly believes in the rights of seniors and elders, and highly commends the tireless efforts of people who dedicate their time to help them, the volunteers with organisations and the service providers who work to make life better, in particular for the seniors and elders and those who have difficulties speaking up for themselves.

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Protecting Seniors Wealth Seniors Wealth provides a broad range of education, training and consulting services and publications, all designed to help people and the companies who assist seniors manage their financial affairs avoid or prevent wealth abuse.

Often referred to as senior or elder financial abuse, when Anne was first compelled to delve into the issue some years ago, after hearing all the stories told by people who experienced it first hand, it became obvious financial abuse leads to other forms of abuse, and it can be prevented with appropriate education and training.  Boundaries can be established if preventative action is taken by competent professionals.

Investigations into the issue over many years, involved sourcing extensive information, survey details, conducting interviews with people relating to their 'stories' of financial abuse, and this all revealed a disturbing trend - it's prevalent, widespread and could happen to anyone. Protecting Seniors Wealth - Their Whole Wealth is concerned with helping to protect seniors' finances and investments, along with preserving their dignity, well being and lifestyle.

We are a growing network of key people, companies and organisations. First established with the launch of our website in 2014 to provide a 'communications hub' for handling the huge task of providing key information to the millions of people affected and the companies who help seniors with their financial arrangements and wealth management.

Our objective is to provide seniors, genuine carers, and the professional service companies who help them with their finances, with necessary tools and the motivation - knowing how to recognise and take informed action for managing financial abuse situations.

We're known as a resource people and professionals refer to and gain awareness for better protecting valued seniors and elders. For this reason, we offer various services: professional consulting, workshop classes for training, speaker presentations and publications for training and for the general public, a competent financial advisers and lawyers listing, newsletter, current and background information, the Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide and social media connections for access to broader communication.

There are many key professional people, firms and organisations who support and are connected with this growing important network, and committed to helping people set boundaries for dealing effectively with this issue that can easily become complicated if not addressed.
- Anne McGowan

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