Accredited Professional Training Program

Protecting Seniors Wealth-Their Whole Wealth™ Accredited Professional Training Program

About Our Training Program

An accredited one-day training course that informs of the length and breadth of this issue that’s a real and growing problem for professionals, impacting clients and business.

Professionals need to know how to best assist clients. We look at what’s now expected, accountability, recognising and dealing with situations, keeping client ‘s safe and secure.

Professionalism and ethics are a key component and regulatory compliance and consumer protection, with client best interests at the forefront as we take a look at preventative measures, actions and remedies in a practical, professional and proper way.

This training program is facilitated by an expert.

Who can attend the course?

This masterclass workshop is for professionals – financial advisers, legal practitioners, mortgage & finance brokers, wealth accountants, accountants,  financial planners, property advisers, businesses providing consumer financial information, financial related services, retirement and aged care services, real estate agents, industry management and support staff, and others in related industries.

Accredited Protecting Seniors Wealth–Their Whole Wealth™ Professional Program

Six Modules

Six modules covering
essential topics:

  1. Issue Analysis, The Signs & Red Flags
  2. Situations Focus, Assisting Clients
  3. The Procedures, Ongoing Management
  4. Preventative Measures, Legal Action
  5. Policy, Complicit Professionals
  6. PSW Guide Application & Analysis, Eight Steps for Prevention, Action Planning, It’s a Matter of Ethics

One Day Workshop

  • Learn about the ramifications of this issue, the impact and how to assist the client potential:
  • Understand the importance of recognising the signs, the complications and how situations could occur and develop.
  • To gain insight into a range of different situations and realise that assisting clients is now expected.
  • Gain key awareness around the many things that can be done to support and essentially protect the client and their finances.
  • Develop skills and knowledge of a range of different forms of prevention and appropriate action to expect or undertake.
  • To consider and learn about policy development and the importance of not being complicit, even inadvertently.
  • Learn about the Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide application analyse the publication – an education tool for professionals and clients. Consider essential steps for prevention, different forms of action, ethical behaviour and professionalism.

Multiple choice questions will be provided and must be successfully  completed to receive 6.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points.

On successful completion attendees will receive a CPD Statement, Certificate of attainment from Protecting Seniors Wealth and eligible to be a member of Protecting Seniors Wealth.

Industries And Service Providers Positioned For Our Demand-Led Services

Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning

Banking and Superannuation

Wealth Management

Aged Care Specialists

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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