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Fake ATO Scams

Fake ATO Scams

We have recently been receiving a few reports of fraudulent calls made by people who claim they’re from the ATO. A few of these fake ATO scammers have even called our offices. This article is simply to inform you of what to look out for should you get a call from “the...

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Investor Protection Trust Forum

Investor Protection Trust Forum

With a focus on Investor Education and Protection, the event was a resounding success as Investor Protection Trust (IPT) celebrated their 25th Anniversary in September and it was expertly organised to ‘educate the educators’ in wealth creation and protection. IPT is...

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Elder Financial Abuse and Undue Influence

How does Elder Financial Abuse and Undue Influence occur? Is there a Law against elder financial abuse?  The answer is a definite YES!  It's called Undue Influence.  This Law was judicially introduced about 100 years ago to effectively deal with elders being taken...

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The Veritable Epidemic of Wealth Abuse of The Elderly

In all honesty, until a couple of years ago I was unaware of the extent that so many of our lovely ageing senior people are either abused, coerced or harassed by unscrupulous individuals.  They exploit them to gain access to their assets - their house or money.  Even...

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