Advanced Expert Training Program for Professionals 2020: Accreditation 8 CPD Hours

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The Responsible Professional Management of Financial Abuse



This Accredited Training Program presented by a recognised professional Expert is the highly recommended Expert Training for Professionals, Management and Support Executives and can be delivered Live Online or In-Person.


Up to 8 CPD Hours
Fee: $1997 per person

Additional Q & A and discussions with expert for enhanced training experience.

For large attendee group bookings, please ask about our registration options & corporate rate.
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Training Delivery Options:

• In-Person Training Event – Two Half Day Sessions
• Live Online – Two Half Day Sessions
• Online for easy access anytime

This training program is facilitated by an expert.

The Expert Advanced Program for banking, financial services, wealth industries, superannuation, accountants – training specifically for your business, with you in mind to help professionals assist clients.

Participation annually is highly recommended making this program an ideal refresher training – benefit from updates, new insights & developments, and retention of key information.

Who can attend? Ideal for financial advisers, legal practitioners, mortgage & finance brokers, wealth accountants, accountants, financial planners, superannuation professionals, property advisers, businesses providing consumer financial information, financial related services, retirement and aged care services, real estate agents, industry management, support staff, and others in related industries.

Agenda Day One – Financial Senior Abuse Prevention In Action

• Issue Analysis, The Signs & Red Flags; Situations Focus, Assisting Clients
• The Procedures, Ongoing Management; Preventative Measures, Legal Action
• Policy, Complicit Professionals; PSW Guide Application & Analysis
• Steps for Prevention; Action Planning, Key Points Discussions
• It’s a Matter of Ethics; Multiple Choice Assessment

Agenda Day Two – Help Protect Clients, Avoid Loss of Clients and Investments, Deliver Better Outcomes

• Essential Steps for Prevention of Many Situations
• Protecting Your Clients Financial Position
• Protecting the Financial Future of Senior & Retirement Clients
• Ethical Behaviour & Professional Conduct
• Key Industry Experts & Professionals Interviews & Commentary

A Comprehensive Training Program including Practical Application and Analysis focusing on many Preventative Measures & Actions; consider New Legislation, Obligations, Responsibilities, New Expectations, Industry Guidelines; Working Group Case Studies and Discussions; Essential Steps for Prevention Possibilities for Improving Outcomes; Assisting Clients Effectively in a Professional and Proper Way; Ethical Behaviour & Professionalism; Taking Reasonable Steps; Complicity, Compliance, Costs; Clients Best Interests, Client Safety & Security; Ideas for Client Education, Taking Action Steps and Disclosure; Video Interviews with Key Industry Experts and Professionals Commentary and Discussions, Q&A, Multiple Choice Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the issue ramifications, the impact, how to assist the client to protect future potential.
  • Understand the importance of recognising signs, complications, how situations occur, and develop.
  • To gain insights into a range of different situations and realise how assisting clients is now expected.
  • Consider How to Have Client Conversations, Client Education and gain insights relating to Capacity.
  • Gain key awareness around many aspects to essentially support and protect the client and finances.
  • Develop skills for a wide range of forms of prevention, appropriate action to expect, or undertake.
  • Policy Development Insights and Learn of the Importance of not Being Complicit, even inadvertently.
  • Gain knowledge of Fiduciary Duty, Potential Liability, Protecting the Client, Professionals and Business.
  • Learn of the PSW Guide application and analysis, and other key guidance for professionals, and clients.

Course Activities & Materials

• Intelligence for Professionals Workbook
• Case Studies
• Facts and Figures and other handouts
• Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide (pdf)
• ‘It’s a Matter of Ethics’ article
• Quiz Questions


• Quality print Certificate of Completion provided on successful program completion.
• Certificate of Continuing Professional Development emailed within five business days.

Training events are Accredited by the Financial Planners Association (FPA).


Catering, Membership, Adviser Page Eligibility, Workbook, Guides, Handouts, Training Facilitator Access

Thank you for attending the training program.

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The following dates have been reserved for next year 2021 and can be booked now (or other preferred dates for your company):

  • Sydney – March 18th and 19th
  • Brisbane – April 15th and 16th
  • Melbourne – May 13th and 14th
  • Adelaide – June 17th and 18th
  • Perth – July 15th and 16th