Title: Financial Senior Abuse and Inheritance Impatience – Assisting Clients & Ethical Accountability.

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Presenter: Expert Anne McGowan

Duration: Two Hours

Accreditation Two (2) CPD Hours

Course Description

Title: Financial Senior Abuse and Inheritance Impatience – Assisting Clients & Ethical Accountability

This training course is ideal for professionals to gain essential knowledge for how to best assist clients.

Providing insights the focused in-depth learning extends to understanding many different situations and recognising appropriate actions, protective measures, new industry expectations, clients best interests, client safety and security is all paramount.

Focusing on financial senior abuse prevention this course provides key professional development learning vital to gain the discerning professional skills now expected.

An all-important introduction that extends to appropriate preventative measures, ideal for professionals with clients across all demographics as this trend impacts people of all ages.

CPD Accreditation:

2 Hours (1 Hour presentation & 1-hour reading)
Fee: $330 (incl. GST)


  • Research and data, signs and red flags, perpetrator profiles
  • Assisting the client in a professional and proper way
  • Clients best interests, various action steps
  • Different situations analysis, client and industry expectations
  • Development overview of procedures, policy, disclosure
  • Ethical responsibility, introduction with additional measures

Course Activities & Materials

  • Facts and Figures handout
  • Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide (pdf)
  • It’s a Matter of Ethics article
  • Financial Senior Abuse, Prevention & Solutions review handout
  • 25 Quiz Questions


  • A Certificate of Completion for attendees is provided on course completion.
  • The Certificate of Continuing Professional Development will be emailed within five business days.

This training course is Accredited by the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA).

Course Availability:

  • On Demand
  • In Person
  • Live Online

Please note:
Following attending the course and answering questions, your CPD Certificate Statement and a tax invoice/receipt from Protecting Seniors Wealth Pty Ltd (if applicable) will be emailed within 5 business days.

Thank you for considering and attending the training course.