Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide (eBook)

This Guidebook could be a most useful reference with the process of protecting a person or a family’s wealth.

Author - Anne McGowan

Copyright - 2015 Anne McGowan

Publisher - Blue Sea Publishing


This eBook will help you:

Head off senior financial abuse - it could be one of the most important things you do in your life!
Protect the wealth of an individual or a family.
Save precious time.
Avoid embarrassment and humiliation by taking action now.

Financial abuse of seniors and elders is much more widespread than we are aware of and its increasing at an alarming rate.    Read more...


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Contents / Chapters

Why Be Aware of this topic?
A Guide for What to Do
Do You Need to take action Quickly?
What is the key to Being Effective
Taking Action
Different Organisations that can help
The Different Situations
Ensuring you are effective
Summary and key Contacts
Actual Descriptions of this happening plus links to media interviews
Scenarios and ideas to help Avert Situations or Financial Abuse
The law and how it views elder financial abuse
Important aspects to consider
your contacts and recording details
About the author
About our consulting Lawyer

What people are saying

"An important read and practical guide for anyone with elderly family members.

Anne shines a light on an unfortunately all too familiar problem that will potentially expand as our countries demographics continue to shift towards the older end of the spectrum.

She offers excellent advice and practical ways to ensure that our most important people are safe from financial harm."
Jason Reynolds, Director at Action Wealth, Financial Advisor, Melbourne.

"As an ending full-time carer for my late mother, I am chuffed to see your site.

Only last night, I have found out that family have lost some inheritance due to dubious family members"
Linda Daniel JP, Editor at Soul Editing, Australia

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This Guidebook could be a most useful reference with the process of protecting a person or a family’s wealth. It could help to safeguard the whole wealth of an individual or a family. Sometimes action needs to be taken promptly, other times action is taken over time. In any case, being informed is key, it can save precious time and mean the difference in being successful or not.

Heading off senior financial abuse, could be one of the most important things you do in your life! If you suspect financial abuse of some sort, that could be or is taking place concerning a senior elder person, never doubt your suspicions and be vigilant in looking into it. To some extent we have a moral responsibility to assist if we can.

Financial abuse of seniors and elders is much more widespread than we are aware of and its increasing at an alarming rate. When this happens to a senior person, they are more than upset. They feel deeply hurt, humiliated and distressed. It’s called “The Ultimate Betrayal” with good reason.

It occurs in different ways: manipulation, passive aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse or even physical abuse. Usually conducted behind the scenes, it is people they know who commit this form of crime and make no mistake, these people do not care about the wellbeing of the elderly. They are only interested in getting the assets or the money.

Unfortunately, when this is done to a senior or elder person, they are too embarrassed and humiliated, or feel too vulnerable to speak of it either in private or publicly. One of the main reasons they are reluctant to talk about it and take action is because one or more family members are often the perpetrators. They are also taking or stealing the means to support a senior person’s lifestyle and inheritance.

Yes, research into this indicates it is most often a family member. Though it also could be a carer or caregiver, a friend, or someone posing as a professional person. Senior elder people do often need additional care and assistance with their affairs as they become older and there are many good well trained people to assist with home and care arrangements. However, do “keep your eyes open”, do take action if there are “signs”, and there are many detailed more so in this guide.

There’s one more thing that’s important to bear in mind if you’re the one looking out for a senior or elderly person, a tactic these particular type of people may use is to try to discredit you. They can carry out defamatory behaviour targeted at you. Know this, it’s for a reason, to get you “out of the way”, so they can gain access to the senior elder person, then the assets. My suggestion is to trust your instincts, don’t let these people who commit these “low acts” undermine your confidence, become informed and proceed to step-in, do whatever you can and take appropriate action.

It can be a process, short or lengthy, and is sometimes complicated, depending on the circumstances. We have outlined the varying courses of action. It can be difficult at first to comprehend the enormity of what occurs, it’s far more preferably to have insights into financial abuse beforehand, in order to deal with it effectively. The guidelines here make it easier to work out “what to do”. Not always, but often, taking action quickly is imperative.

This Guidebook is for seniors wanting to ensure they’re wealth remains intact, and for people who are looking to assist senior elder people to do the same – protect them and their wealth, lifestyle and dignity. It’s a good idea if you can, to plan ahead to head off such a situation where “wealth abuse” could possibly occur.

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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