The Ultimate Betrayal (eBook)

Dealing with the Increasing Senior Financial Abuse, the Loss of Wealth, and the Need for Setting Boundaries.

Author - Anne McGowan

Copyright - 2015 Anne McGowan

Publisher - Archway Publishing


Millions of people around the world are watching their parents and other loved ones grow older – and those elderly people are at risk.

It’s not only dying or getting sick they have to worry about: As people get older, they become easy prey for criminals who want to separate them and future generations from their hard-earned money and assets.

In this guide to protecting yourself and recognizing when a loved one is at risk, you’ll learn how to:

Take preventative steps to ensure elder abuse never starts;
Recognize when someone might be trying to take advantage of a loved one;
Navigate the complicated process of stepping in to take care of an elderly loved one;
Promote widespread respect and dignity for the elderly;



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Contents / Chapters

There’s a Triple-Whammy Effect
They Manipulate It on the Sly
It’s Reaching Epidemic Proportions
It Changed the Course of My Life!
Elder Security Becomes More Relevant
Helping Parents Was My Gift to Them
The Dilemma in Relation to Assessment
When Older Parents Seem Upset
The Complications of Stepping In
The Process toward a Hearing
Being a Voice for the Elders
Our Seniors Should Be Valued
An Important Overview
Where Does the Family Wealth Go?
The Makings of the Guide
The Result of Everyone’s Stories
The Truth of the Matter, and How It Goes Unnoticed
A Concept called Inheritance Impatience
It’s Their Money, and It’s Their Whole Wealth
Having Money Should Be a Good Thing
Other Insights about the Gray Area
The Idea of a Register
Maintaining Seniors’ Wealth and Protecting Their Whole Wealth
It’s Time We All Say No!

Author’s Note

For the elder senior citizens throughout the world who have worked all their lives and dedicated that work to raising their families and being good citizens.


Thanks to their efforts, contributions, and endeavours, they have created a world of which we can all be proud.


For all the dedicated lawyers worldwide who work tirelessly in the area of elder law to help to protect our elder seniors.


And in memory of my father, William John McGowan (1932-2011).

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter.
-Martin Luther King

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McGowan draws on real-life experiences to show the profound implications of letting yourself or a loved one be taken for a fool.

With the continued ageing of the adult population, abuse of the elderly is going to become a bigger problem with time. Don’t let yourself or your family be victimized by The Ultimate Betrayal.

Anne McGowan is a senior elder advocate and the founder and CEO of Protecting Seniors Wealth in Australia. She was formerly a teacher and course coordinator of adult studies in business communications and a public relations consultant for many years.

Stepping in to assist the elders in their lives can be a reasonably direct process for some people. Perhaps they have noticed their mother had shown obvious signs of dementia. They may have received concerned messages from a bank about the elderly parent withdrawing large amounts of money. Then when it becomes obvious for the reason that the parent’s safety is at risk, the children know without doubt it is time to step in. At some point, it becomes obvious what needs to be done. This can make the decision easier in some ways, when an adult child who is looking out for elderly parents is advised one of their parents laid on the floor for hours, or a day or two, because he or she had a fall and couldn’t get up to call anyone.

But what of the elder parents who exhibit mild, much less obvious behaviours, such as becoming vague, forgetting things, and not seeming to understand their financial situation? These elders can still lead a life at home, but they need to be watched over more than before. How do we assist them in the best way possible?

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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