Educational Programs

Insightful training resources to help enhance relationships with existing clients and potential new clients.


Protecting Seniors Wealth’s unique professional development and learning program is innovative, results-driven, consisting of tools and webinar systems or live training sessions customised specifically for corporations to meet their specific plans and objectives and help financial adviser professionals or management and other adviser professionals build trust with client relationships long term and develop business with today’s middle age and retirement consumers.

Developed from Protecting Seniors Wealth’s years of investigations focusing on clients best interests and improving outcomes, senior retirement and aged care related research, data and recommendations, and the impacts concerning the serious issue of senior elder financial exploitation and fraud.

Our compelling presentations, publications, including customer communication initiatives, client training and workshop programs, deliver both valuable effective learning and beneficial bottom-line results for companies and their clients.


Protecting Seniors Wealth can customise an online learning solution for your organisation to meet your unique plans and objectives to train your employees, management and professional advisers.

Contributing learning material to complement and assist your team of professionals to connect with your clients and prospective clients and grow your business, relating to lifestyle and retirement clients.

Strategic, informative, assists recognise potential situations, acting in client best interests, and with Continuing Professional Development Accreditation.

Protecting Seniors Wealth will develop large or small group training workshops for both management and support staff and for external membership or Professional educational programs.

Presenting meaningful research, tools, guidelines, choices, opportunities to assist, client communication, helping to protect safe and secure quality lifestyle, and finances in retirement for long term future plans.

All prepared for quality high impact educational learning and advanced training purposes, and with Continuing Professional Development Accreditation.

To arrange a confidential discussion meeting or call, or to book training, please contact us via the contact page.

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Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning

Banking and Superannuation

Wealth Management

Aged Care Specialists

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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