Why is it important to have this professional development skill set in your learning program?

Now more that ever, with the current health crisis, professionals and everyone will need to be aware of the issues that could present for older people, self- isolating people, seniors and the retirement cohort, and everyone.

Professionals in the banking, financial services and wealth industries can be of great assistance to clients, if fully informed on the many aspects and the many forms of prevention available to minimise the risk and impact of this unwanted trend.

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Even with the current health crisis worldwide as professionals move to assist clients online, having this crucial knowledge can provide clients with options, and a range of actions and choices to effectively help protect them, their finances and dignity.

Sometimes it’s literally a matter of their safety and security and moving quickly with confidence to improve outcomes. Financial exploitation and fraud can have some devastating effects on seniors and vulnerable people and for their genuine family or loved ones.

While senior elder people and people with disabilities are often the most vulnerable, and that’s appalling, financial abuse can happen to anyone. Middle aged people, and our younger demographics can just as easily be impacted.

Industry Expectations to Assist Clients

One of the problems is targeted people often don’t see it coming! They don’t think it will happen to them. Or, they don’t fully understand the complications and the intricacies of financial abuse – the tactics can be hard to detect unless you are well informed.

The perpetrators can be cunning, highly manipulative and they lack any sense of care or respect for their targets, they’re often known to them, or they befriend them with the purpose of gaining access to their finances. Being prepared could mean the difference between actually assisting a client or a family member to prevent the financial abuse or not.

Clients Best Interests

It’s not difficult to take the time to learn about the complex nature of the issue and once the knowledge is gained, the multi-level training program completed, professionals are then in a much better position to assist clients well. And in doing so, retain the client long term who will be very grateful you helped them.

Once you have the essential professional skills, training delivered by an expert, it’s not difficult to then be of great assistance, and it will be highly valued by clients and potential clients moving forward.

Annual refresher courses will be vital to help professionals assist their clients. The issue continues to change up, and there will always be those unsavoury hard to detect people who will devise and utilise new ways to take advantage of the vulnerable and manipulate people in order to access their assets.

Fiduciary Duty

Is it really all about the Money?  If the money factor was removed, if the idea of accessing more wealth, if the greed and unhealthy sense of entitlement was not present, it would most likely simply not occur to the extent it does.  Yet it does, we all need to know how to deal with it – set boundaries and prevent it, that’s the solution.

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Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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