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Protecting Seniors Wealth

The Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide is a practical eBook for seniors wanting to ensure their wealth remains in tact, and for people who are looking to assist seniors and elders to do the same - protect them and their wealth. It's important to become aware and plan ahead.


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Excerpts from the Guide ...

Heading off elder financial abuse, could be one of the most important things you do in your life!

If you suspect financial abuse of some sort, that could be or is taking place concerning a senior or elder senior person in your life, never doubt your suspicions and be vigilant in looking into it.

To some extent we have a moral responsibility to assist if we can. Financial abuse of senior elders is much more widespread than we're aware of, and a recent media interview indicated a rise of 20 percent.

When this happens to an elder person, they are more than upset. They feel deeply hurt, humiliated and distressed. It's called "The Ultimate Betrayal" with good reason.

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Ultimate Betrayal by Anne McGowan


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The Ultimate Betrayal

Millions of people around the world are watching their parents and other loved ones grow older-and those elderly people are at risk.

It's not only dying or getting sick they have to worry about: As people get older, they become easy prey for criminals who want to separate them and future generations from their hard-earned money and assets.

In this guide to protecting yourself and recognizing when a loved one is at risk, you'll learn how to:

  • take preventative steps to ensure elder abuse never starts;
  • recognize when someone might be trying to take advantage of a loved one;
  • navigate the complicated process of stepping in to take care of an elderly loved one; and
  • promote widespread respect and dignity for the elderly.

McGowan draws on real-life experiences to show the profound implications of letting yourself or a loved one be taken for a fool.

With the continued aging of the adult population, abuse of the elderly is going to become a bigger problem with time. Don't let yourself or your family be victimized by The Ultimate Betrayal.

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Resource Kit by Anne McGowan - Protecting seniors Wealth

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Resource Kit

With so many services available to assist and support seniors and the service providers who help them, this Resource Kit provides an easy to use reference for key contacts to locate the right organisation or service for your needs.

In this 30 page Resource Kit you'll get information on the following:

  • Alliances
  • Associations
  • Elder Abuse Helplines
  • Financial & Elder Abuse Research
  • Government & Care Services
  • Legal & Financial Services
  • Regulation Authority
  • Seniors Rights Organisations
  • Organisations
  • Seniors' Organisations
  • Victim Support Services

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