With a focus on Investor Education and Protection, the event was a resounding success as Investor Protection Trust (IPT) celebrated their 25th Anniversary in September and it was expertly organised to ‘educate the educators’ in wealth creation and protection. IPT is based in Washington DC and the Forum was held in the emerging sophisticated Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The impressive dedicated professional delegates consisted of representatives from media, banking, state securities commissions, financial institutions, legal, financial planners and advisers, seniors’ organisations, education providers, and many more. All appreciated the high in demand speakers who inspired motivation for future collaborating and partnering.

Photo: Pictured (left to right): David Kalinoski, AARP Pennsylvania Office, Associate State Director; Anne McGowan, CEO and Specialist Consultant, Protecting Seniors Wealth; Don Blandin, President & Chief Executive Officer, Investor Protection Trust

All speakers contributed different aspects beginning with Ken Dychtwald, Founder and CEO, Age Wave; Maddy Dychtwald, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Age Wave; Knight Kiplinger, Editor in Chief, Kiplinger Publications; Eric Liu, Founder and CEO, Citizen University, and Executive Director, Aspen Institute Citizen and American Identity Program; Michelle Singletary, Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Columnist; Vicki Robin, Co-Founder, Conversation Café’s and Let’s Talk America, and Co-Author of Your Money or Your Life.

The relevant content shared latest research and the format encouraged ongoing commitment to developing further programs that will better assist our communities in preparing financially for their senior years and retirement, including programs to protect them.

  • Retirement Re-Imagined: How Longevity Transforms Work, Leisure, Giving, Family, Health, Retirement, Money and Success by Ken Dychtwald
  • Woman and Money: Beyond the Bottom Line by Maddy Dychtwald
  • Solving the Coming Retirement Crisis: Bridging the Race, Class and Gender Divide by Siavash Radpour
  • Politics, the Economy, and Consumer Protection by Knight Kiplinger
  • Harnessing Power to Make Change Happen by Eric Liu
  • The Money Matrix: Be the One by Michelle Singletary
  • Introduction to Conversation Café: Thinking Big Together by Vicki Robin

David Kalinoski the Associate State Director at AARP Pennsylvania stated that “The Conference will allow me to help strengthen some of our messages, and some messaging with our volunteer fraud fighters”.

Industry professionals who do not pay attention to this necessary growth area of wealth creation do so at their own peril.

For the professionals, it’s important to know how this will impact their communities, their clients or customers, and knowing how to assist them with their best interests in mind, will be imperative for them to accumulate enough wealth for their later years.

People want to know about growing and managing wealth and protecting it, and it’s all important planning. Research points to our communities heading towards difficult times if they do not have enough funds to support their lifestyle requirements, and financial abuse presents a serious problem. We all need to have education along with training for professionals.

The desired solutions to this challenge facing our communities need to be actively embraced right across the board.

Our rapidly growing ageing population who hold a large portion of the wealth could be presented with a serious problem, one not experienced before, and that will be felt by people over the age of 55, and much younger. Wealth loss due to exploitation or financial abuse such as the dubbed “inheritance impatience” has far-reaching effects on many levels.

For the professionals, knowing about wealth protection could mean avoiding loss of finances for clients to support a lifestyle, stolen or taken investments, erosion of client numbers, and loss of investments for numerous reasons.

We all need to take this new ‘Intelligence’ into consideration for future planning and assist others to catch on by educating and helping clients, customers, colleagues, friends and loved ones. Promote programs for accumulating wealth for retirement and later years, and importantly, protection.

There’s no doubt we are facing a mounting dilemma that could be difficult to handle. With increased training participation by everyone, financial planners and advisers, financial services professionals, banking and finance institutions, organisations and the public, we could easily implement programs for preferred outcomes.

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The Investor Protection Trust (www.investorprotection.org) is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. The primary mission of IPT is to provide independent, objective information needed by consumers to make informed investment decisions. Founded in 1993 as part of a multi-state settlement to resolve charges of misconduct, IPT serves as an independent source of unbiased and non-commercial investor education materials. IPT operates programs under its own auspices and uses grants to underwrite important investor education and protection initiatives carried out by other organizations. The IPT provides investor education at both the state and national levels. You can connect with IPT on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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