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Anne McGowan Keynote Speaker for Protecting Seniors WealthAnne McGowan

Expert, Author of Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide and The Ultimate Betrayal.

Brief Overview

Our presenter focuses on sharing latest research and reports for industries, covering the needs of the community with in-depth information and data to succeed in meeting a challenge as the rapidly increasing serious issue of financial senior abuse is fast on track to further impact the retirement demographic, seniors, clients, customers and business.

The private sector response is an important movement towards establishing better forms of prevention as professionals assist clients manage their financial arrangements and industry feedback suggests advisers and service industries are looking at how to respond and be up to speed with latest developments.

Presentation Keynote Sessions

Presentations can be tailored to suit your audience, industry and specific requirements, and have Continuing Professional Development Accreditation. The following presentation topics have been designed for clients across varying industries. For information or booking a presentation contact Anne McGowan on +61 (0) 477 556 011 or email us

Protecting Clients, Investments and Your Practice: Ethical Accountability

Research conducted indicates millions of seniors are losing billions of dollars and considering situations are largely underreported, we take a look at how extensively this unwanted trend impacts clients, customers, business.

Over a third of the deceptive behaviour, some reports suggest, could possibly present at first as somehow technically legal tactics designed to specifically take advantage of senior people.

We cover recommendations, assisting clients, complicit professionals, accountability and what is now expected.

Financial Senior Exploitation and Fraud: Optimizing a New Way of Thinking Towards Prevention and Retaining Clients or Customers Long Term

Providing insights and essential knowledge around the complex and sometimes misunderstood issue of senior financial abuse, resulting in large financial losses that can have far-reaching personal consequences for clients, families and business.

Senior wealth abuse is becoming increasingly common as the population ages and the management of personal assets and tax affairs becomes more complicated.

We focus on helping to keep your clients’ assets in-tact and allow them to maintain their dignity and finances in their later years.

Financial Senior Abuse Trend: Rethinking the Workings, Leadership, Responsibilities and Expectations

Knowing why and how to deal with situations before they happen can prevent loss of clients and their investments, resulting in the preferred outcome by everyone, client retention over the longer term, their safety and security, and the strengthening of retirement systems.

Providing valuable insights and key beneficial information to help professionals assist clients and highlighting the importance of strategic responses.

The New Focus in Retirement Planning: Protecting Seniors, Their Wealth, Retirement Lifestyle and Minimising the Impact on Lives

Now is the time for the financial services industry, including; superannuation funds, banking, accounting, the legal profession, retirement communities and aged care providers to look at how they can act to help prevent financial abuse of their clients, and prepare to stay informed as changes occur along with intensive and collaborative professional development for assisting and meeting certain expectations.

Financial Abuse of Seniors: New Purpose, Revisioning Change and Stepping Up, Professionalism and Strengthening Systems

An opportunity to see change is welcomed right across the board as the indicators are that financial senior abuse, exploitation and fraud is where domestic violence was ten years ago, involving unacceptable behaviour that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Having an understanding and the opportunity to up-skill for assisting clients is the key, with a focus on professionalism and ethics, client communication and acting in Client Best Interests.

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