Education services to inform professionals who help senior clients manage their financial affairs.

Professional Membership Program

Our professional development provides expert online learning for gaining high in demand skills beneficial for effectively assisting senior retirement clients and acting in clients best interests.

Memberships for individuals or teams of professionals, management, support staff provide a CPD Opportunity and access to expert training for driving and improving outcomes for long term client retention rates, safe secure clients and investments.

Gaining knowledge to effectively assist clients in a rapidly growing senior retirement demographic drives value for professionals in financial advice, banking, superannuation, wealth management, retirement planning and aged care specialist services.

Protecting Seniors Wealth

Provides education services to
inform professionals who help senior clients
manage their financial affairs.

Knowing about avoiding situations is key.

The issue of financial senior abuse is increasing rapidly.
It’s often complicated, and importantly there are changes coming to help deal with situations.

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A Member

1 year

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You can join as an individual, a company or an organisation.

Protecting Seniors Wealth Membership

Compliance, acting in clients best interests, professionalism and ethical conduct, accountability and taking reasonable steps is now expected, and this key learning for taking appropriate action to assist clients in a professional proper way, and meet fiduciary duty is high on the agenda.

Professional membership provides easy access to an expert training program tailored to drive better outcomes for planning ahead and dealing with situations. Now an important CPD priority for keeping clients safe and secure, and to protect their finances for their lifestyle and future.

Prefer to attend a training of your choice without a membership, please see our CPD Courses.

Interested in membership, please contact us to arrange.

Industries And Service Providers Positioned For Our Demand-Led Services

Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning

Banking and Superannuation

Wealth Management

Aged Care Specialists

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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