Protecting Seniors Wealth provides education services to inform professionals who help senior clients manage their financial affairs.

The issue of financial senior abuse is not only increasing rapidly, it’s often complicated, and importantly there are changes coming to help deal with situations. Knowing about avoiding situations is key.

We are an advocacy group concerned with helping to prevent wealth abuse. The wellbeing, dignity, and financial security of senior elders is important to the majority, and to people in professional services.

By becoming a member of Protecting Seniors Wealth you become part of this community, committed to recognising the need for coordinated action to stand up for the rights of seniors and their financial security.

To become a member

$300 per year

You can join as an individual, a company or an organisation.

This membership is open to anyone with a professional interest in helping seniors with their finances. This could include financial planners, lawyers, bankers, building society management, aged care provider and retirement community facility managers, and anyone within industry related roles or people with a genuine interest.

If a company engages Protecting Seniors Wealth to facilitate speaker training presentations or workshops they can arrange membership as part of the program.