Why is “Inheritance Impatience” such a growing concern?  Financial abuse of seniors is a disturbing trend, one that’s been highlighted in the media recently for many reasons, and this issue can adversely affect anyone at any time.  For this reason, everyone should know about it!  Elders are being subjected to financial abuse, and innocent loved ones are losing their inheritance as a result.

This concept is a “dirty business” all round and growing at a rapid rate.  Government Inquiries are taking place, helplines are being established, conferences on elder financial abuse are being coordinated and attended, public figures are speaking up in media interviews, and the media is actively reporting on the issue.  This is all good work, being carried out by people and organisations who care.  However, the big question still remains “what else will it take to prevent this happening?”

Some people are proposing a new law making financial elder abuse a criminal offence, others are suggesting or have established a register for legal documents, and many others are calling for action, education and awareness campaigns.  It appears a multi-faceted approach is the answer, by all concerned, including those who assist seniors with their finances – genuine caring loved ones and care givers, lawyers, financial advisers, financial institutions, governments, businesses, senior organisations, senior publications, banks and building societies, and aged care facilities.

A serious issue and it's everyone's responsibility

Many people can play a role, small or large, and once they’re informed about the extent of this alarming form of abuse, that’s literally destroying the lives of so many of our older senior citizens, they can confidently help to “step in” if ever the need arises, or plan to prevent it ever occurring in the first place.  In an effort to help with prevention, we address this fully in our training workshops, essential for the above mentioned organisations and companies, and our awareness presentation campaign exposes the issue.  If seniors and those who help them “become informed”, everyone dealing with this growing problem will know they can do something about it.

Senior people have rights and they deserve respect!  A strong light is now being shined, by many who care, and it’s focused on this “burning issue”.   People everywhere can and are playing a role in either prevention or creating more awareness.  A clear message is starting to be sent to the perpetrators – that this issue will no longer be tolerated.  And our elder seniors are not only grateful, they are thanking us and encouraging us to continue.  If you would like further information please go to our website homepage or go to the expert training program 

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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