A Speaker Presentation focus is about why it's important to be "informed" for today's world, providing essential information that not only motivates but explains the far-reaching implications on how protecting senior elders is paramount, including their wealth to support them and inheritance. It's fast becoming more relevant. We create awareness around this issue - a disturbing trend that people actually want to know how to deal with and plan to prevent. Seniors and elders often need help dealing with this issue and the industries who assist them manage their financial affairs are in a unique position to assist. Protecting seniors Wealth consultation

Managers, advisers, support staff who provide services for seniors embrace a forum for receiving this information in a positive manner. Our presentation is a 'hot' subject and a growing concern for seniors.  The topics include Inheritance Impatience, Achieving Better Outcomes, Importance of Developing Policy, Helping Valued Clients is Good for Business, The Paper Trail & Bank Accounts or, we can easily produce a presentation for you based on specific requirements and preferences.

We take a look at the many forms of financial abuse, how to recognise situations, and the options available both now and in the future. Knowing why & how to take prompt action to deal with it as effectively as possible is often the key.  A speaker presentation is designed to help people be motivated to take action, should they ever need to, in a professional and proper way. When people become more aware of the growing issue that senior and elder financial exploitation presents, ultimately it helps with prevention.

ThinkstockPhotos-177257381A Speaker Appearance can easily be arranged, ideal for companies who wish to communicate education material to their managers, advisers, members, seniors groups or organisations, or any corporation assisting seniors with their affairs.

You may wish to have our speaker appear at your conference or in-house training to enhance the professional education services you provide. During the presentation we highlight interesting facts, keeping it relevant, we 'take a look' at this alarming issue. The outcome is more awareness for the service providers who help senior clients or members - to assist them avoid wealth abuse situations.

Companies and organisations and their people can be proactive and offer a commendable level of service for seniors, by keeping them up to date with a current issue. As the topic is brought to the forefront, the benefits are significant for seniors and the group holding the training or event meeting.

ThinkstockPhotos-528133873Financial Abuse Prevention is now more relevant ...
Our Speaker can appear in person or via a live webcast.

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Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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