Strategic Consulting

Expert consulting that invariably is innovative and beneficial for focusing on safe and secure long-term client retention.


Our consultancy is for corporations in banking, superannuation, wealth management, financial advice, retirement planning, aged care specialists and government agencies to help them develop effective ways to protect their valued senior retirement clients and communities.

We are just as motivated as our clients to assist them improve knowledge and procedures for prevention of financial senior exploitation to essentially deal with situations effectively for long term safety and security with their finances in tact. 

Knowing how to appropriately act in clients best interests is crucial to preventing situations. Our services lead to improving practices and procedures, empower clients to effectively help their clients, customers, members, enhancing community relations and professional reputation.

We provide a range of consultancy options:

  • Deliver informative business presentations on the issue to management.
  • Facilitate accredited training program options tailored to improve outcomes.
  • Key note speaker appearances designed to inform, motivate and build confidence.
  • One-off project or ongoing consulting providing management feedback reporting for professional learning and development.
  • Our Expert Consultant assists corporations with highly effective training and completion reports, procedures or recommendations.

The Benefits

  • The benefits will be obvious as we contribute to retaining client or customer relationships with duty of care and aligned values.
  • Provide expert high-end professional service to minimise risk of losing valued clients and investments, and to protect their lifestyle.

Founder, chief executive and consultant  Anne McGowan is recognised as a foremost expert with an excellent professional reputation. Established for over ten years, sourcing crucial data and motivated to assist clients to be effective in wealth abuse prevention.

Gain the professional skill-set required for your management, advisers and support staff for dealing with so many situations. Being well informed is key in an environment where accountability and responsibility is imperative as expectations are now high on the agenda.

Our consultant's high level of expertise in senior wealth abuse is valuable to all as the issue becomes more sophisticated and extensive. Access to this expert with strong skills and relevant industry experience can assist clients to foresee and avoid issues and protect their community.

Consultancy is ideal for industry corporations and governments to see vastly improved outcomes - increased client retention rates and safe secure clients reaching their potential, avoiding loss of funds under management, meeting clients best interests duty and regulator expectations.

To arrange a confidential discussion meeting or call, please contact us via the contact page.



Industries And Service Providers Positioned For Our Demand-Led Services

Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning

Banking and Superannuation

Wealth Management

Aged Care Specialists

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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