Strategic Consulting and Research

Expert consulting that invariably is innovative and beneficial for focusing on safe and secure long-term client retention.

About Our Strategic Consulting

Protecting Seniors Wealth participates in projects that empower clients to maintain their long-term client relations along with their professional reputation. Our consulting specialist is motivated to assist corporations and draws upon a decade of research and experience, specialising in:

  • Strategic consulting to assist with special projects, ongoing programs, management reporting or professional learning and development, and the benefits will soon be obvious, as effectively assisting clients deal with situations results in maintaining loyal client or customer relationships with an obvious duty of care and aligned values
  • Highly advanced; innovative, the benefits for professionals, management and corporations, and their clients or customers, are many, and directly contribute to long-term client retention. Having the relevant knowledge is the key and essential in order to deliver an informed professional service and minimise the risk of losing valued clients and their investments and lifestyle
  • Business development guidance for the financial senior abuse serious issue currently impacting our extensive and growing senior retirement population, the general public and the service industries who help seniors manage their financial affairs. An Expert Consultant can assist corporations with developing effective training programs, contributing to or enhancing existing in-house training, recommendations reports, development of procedures, policy and special projects or management reports.

About Our Research Data

For the past six years, Protecting Seniors Wealth has been dedicated and specialised in collecting and sourcing data and we are as motivated as you to protect your clients or customers, and can help enhance the professional skill-set of your management, advisers and support staff in dealing with situations. They essentially become well informed to help prevent senior wealth abuse, and we can become involved with conducting specific research for clients in an environment where accountability and responsibility is now imperative and expected.

Our consultant's high level of expertise in senior and elder wealth abuse are of essential value to all. With these strong skills and industry experience, we can assist to foresee problems and help avoid them, where it happens - on the front lines. Our Consulting Service is ideal for companies involved in helping senior clients manage their finances. Beneficial research material and important information can be produced for client education or management distribution promoting the sponsoring company’s brand.

Industries And Service Providers Positioned For Our Demand-Led Services

Financial Advisors

Legal Practitioners

Mortgage Finance Banking

Wealth / Property

Assisted Living

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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