Professionalism and Ethics Focused with Accreditation

Corporations prefer to retain clients long term. Senior retirement people deserve respect and to maintain their dignity and lifestyle.

Acting in the best interests of clients to assist effectively is good for business and protecting clients is in everyone’s best interests.

Participation in our accredited training demonstrates commitment as a company, professional adviser, management or support staff team member to gain essential knowledge. Industry interest to upskill for acting in clients’ best interests and meet regulator expectations is now high.

To gain the all-important knowledge and skills required to assist clients enrol in our Accredited Protecting Seniors Wealth – Their Whole Wealth™ Accredited Professional Training Program.

Continuing Professional Development options include the 6.5 hour comprehensive course, a 3.0 hour masterclass or 2.0 hour mini training. Available fully online or delivered as a live event online or in person. In person training events can be facilitated in our conference training rooms or your preferred venue.

Training Events

Accredited Training Program | Non-Accredited 

Protecting Seniors Wealth – Their Whole Wealth™

One Day - Two Day Training Event
Online / Live Online or In-Person

Accredited Professional Training Program focusing on Financial Senior Abuse Prevention. This event is facilitated by an Expert.

The Intelligence for Professionals that's highly recommended


Financial Senior Abuse & Inheritance Impatience

Two-Hour Mini Training

Financial Senior Abuse & Inheritance Impatience - Assisting Clients. 

Financial Senior Abuse Prevention

An Introduction extended to include additional preventative measures


The Responsible Professional Managment of Financial Abuse & Driving Better Outcomes

Three-Hour Accredited Master Class

This training focuses on how to assist clients effectively, avoid loss of clients and investments, responsibility and ethics, taking reasonable steps in a range of situations and to realise obligations and clients best interests.



One Day Workshop

Become an Accredited Professional Adviser on our Panel of Advisers

View more details on our Protecting Seniors Wealth – Their Whole Wealth™ Accredited Professional Training program.

Protecting Seniors Wealth
Their Whole Wealth Accredited Professional Training Program

In Person Workshop

This is a masterclass workshop that suits financial advisers, wealth accountants and accountants, bankers, lawyers or other professionals in real estate, assisted care services or aged care management and any professional assisting seniors and elder senior clients with their financial planning or financial related affairs.

The course facilitator is highly experienced and an expert on the subject matter. Learning tools, guides, case studies, handouts, articles will be provided at the beginning and throughout the workshop.

The program has been approved for 6.5 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) from the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

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Full Day Course

Financial Senior Abuse & Inheritance Impatience
Assisting Clients, Prevention & Ethical Accountability

Online Course (2 hours)

The Online Course is designed to provide extensive awareness around industry and issue developments and an introduction to preventative measures. Our highly skilled facilitator is a subject matter expert.

Course includes:

  • Latest research and data and the signs and red flags
  • The various perpetrator profiles
  • How to assist clients in a professional and proper way
  • Clients best interest, various action steps, different situations analysis
  • New client and industry expectations
  • Development overview of procedures
  • The policy, disclosure, and ethical responsibility
  • An introduction with additional preventative measures

Video, handouts and Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide will be provided to download.

Two (2) hours)of CPD points approved by the FPA will be available for attendees of the full webinar.

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For resources to assist your clients and enhance your business, build client trust and potential

2 Hour Course

The Responsible Professional Management of Financial Abuse & Driving Better Outcomes

Three-Hour Accredited Master Class

This three-hour training is designed to help professionals protect clients and avoid loss of clients and investments and covers a range of protective resources for assisting clients - essentially the many all-important aspects in protecting clients, investments, professionals.

Delivered by an expert.

An ideal training for professionals, management and support staff as part of a Responsible Management informative session to fully realise the obligations around clients best interests and the issue that impacts so many clients. Of the many key benefits, two key components are effectively helping clients avoid, or deal with, financial abuse situations and in the process by doing so well, avoid breach of fiduciary duty and complications, costs, consequences, and media 'naming shaming' associated.


  • Eminent Legislation, Issue Legislation & New Developments
  • Responsibility to Assist Clients – Clients Best Interests & Taking Reasonable Steps
  • The Many Stages of Financial Abuse – The Benefits of Being Proactive
  • Essential Steps for Prevention of Many Situations
  • Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide Analysis and Applications
  • Protecting Your Clients Financial Position – Costs, Components, The Impacts
  • Ethical Behaviour and Professional Conduct
  • Key Industry Experts and Professionals Interviews with Presentations on:
    Legal Considerations, Obligations, Requirements, New Expectations, Fiduciary Duty, Taking Reasonable Steps, Commentary, Discussions, Guidance.

Duration: 3.0 Hours
Accreditation: 3 CPD Hours
Fee: $440

Learning Assets:

Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Protection, Professionalism and Ethics

Course Inclusions:

  • Video presentations from leading experts
  • Wide range of Case Studies
  • Protecting Seniors Wealth Guide (PDF)
  • The FSC Guide To The Prevention of Elder Financial Abuse (PDF)
  • Quiz Questions


  • Certificate of Completion by Protection Seniors Wealth for Accreditation (download)
  • Certificate of Continuing Professional Development (emailed following completion)


Three (3) hours of CPD points approved by the FPA will the available for attendees of the full course.

Attend fully online (link below) or book a workshop training (we’ll forward an invoice to pay online with credit card or by bank transfer). 


3 Hour Course

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Financial Advisors

Retirement Planning

Banking and Superannuation

Wealth Management

Aged Care Specialists

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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