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Tailored specifically for professional advisers the new workshop provided compelling content for assisting clients with the ever-increasing Financial Senior Abuse, and this was shared recently with AIOFP Annual 20th Anniversary Onshore Conference delegates in November 2018 at the Gold Coast.

Raising high level interest among dedicated professional advisers, many delegates commented how much they enjoyed the speaker presentation and the workshop feedback was ‘informative and thought provoking’.

The Financial Senior Abuse Prevention Workshop offered CPD Accreditation and was delivered on the first day, with the key note speaker presentation Protecting Clients, Investments, and Your Practice: Ethical Accountability during lunch on the third day.

Protecting clients, family, and practice

Tackling this difficult issue has often in the past been placed in the ‘too hard basket’. Now, as the rate obviously continues to increase and diversify into many different forms, it’s apparent and crucial that ‘situations’ need to be addressed promptly in an efficient and professional way.

Our education and training resources can be used effectively in order to improve outcomes and prevent situations for clients and their families, as they will all be impacted in one way or another – even the advisers’ practices.

Photo: Pictured is Peter Johnston AIOFP, Chief Executive Director and Anne McGowan, Protecting Seniors Wealth CEO and Specialist Consultant

Financial Advisers and indeed many other professional advisers are in a unique position to assist clients – they’re on the front lines and in a position to identify financial abuse first and sometimes even in the early stages.

Continuing Professional Development Opportunity

The workshop provided an opportune time to improve knowledge, expertise and competence around financial senior abuse, as it was conveniently included, and delegates appreciated time together for discussion and to ‘up skill’ to protect senior and elder clients.

It’s a matter of professional ethics and being prepared or not! The advantages for an adviser who develops the personal and professional qualities through this form of training to better assist Clients are extensive both for the adviser and their clients.

Essentially, this training is very useful and could be the difference between appropriately helping a valued client, helping them to protect themselves and their investments, or losing the client due to financial abuse or exploitation.

Workshops can be booked, or our training & expert consulting services, ideal for practices and any financial service or profession who assists seniors manage their financial affairs.
For more information please visit our training page.

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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