The Program

ThinkstockPhotos-174932324Trainings and Workshops are tailored to suit your industry and delivered by our professional facilitator who has a high level of experience. Each one is produced to provide essential material designed specifically for helping people who work on the front lines. By informing them of how to recognise situations and develop strategies for senior wealth abuse prevention and management. This practical and specialised program focuses on a disturbing and rapidly growing trend concerning Financial Abuse and Exploitation of elder seniors.

Immediately, current information on emerging trends provides your company's management, advisers and support staff with the essential tools required for effective quality customer service in the sometimes complicated, uncertain and complex issue of elder senior financial abuse - ultimately to help protect clients' financial security. 

Who are these workshops for?  Wealth abuse inevitably takes place on the front lines. This workshop program is ideal for financial planners, bankers, building societies, law firms, aged care facilities and retirement communities. Essentially, they provide an effective form of training for any company who help seniors manage their financial affairs.

Financial Elder Abuse and Its Prevention Program


  1. The Signs & Scenarios - we look at widespread financial abuse, indicators, 'red flags', and how it actually occurs to so many people in different ways. 
  2. Situations, Strategies & Outcomes - we take a close look at case studies, descriptions of situations, focusing on how to 'step up' and improve outcomes.
  3. Action Plan: To "Work It Out" - we consider Action Plans that will enable participants to help protect valued clients - be 'money gatekeepers' and more.
  4. The Procedures & Keeping Records - taking a look the different procedures that prepares participants for how to 'proceed' when financial abuse occurs.
  5. Ongoing Management, Policy & Protocols - we focus on why and how ongoing management is often required, with a brief on policy and protocols (optional).

Training content can be tailored to suit your company (if preferred). You can choose all five trainings for one complete workshop or hold separate workshops for each. They can be held over either a half day, 1, 2 or even 3 days. Depending on your industry, level of experience, and the inclusions you choose (modules and optional extras), we have a range or fees for participants - per person, large groups, and a fixed or capped fee can be arranged by negotiation.

Designed to be interactive with group sessions, analysing scenarios, case studies and strategies, the outcome will enable service providers to be proactive and significantly build client relations and trust. It becomes obvious as your organisation has taken the time to engage in this training that your clients, and your own people who attend and participate, are important and valued. The training workshop carefully addresses the subject matter fully, participation from your people is encouraged and attendees are provided with necessary information and resources to effectively assist your clients prevent wealth abuse. By planning to create more awareness, your company can help seniors be 'safe and secure' along with their finances and dignity.

Arranging a Training Workshop workshop can easily be organised for small or large groups, usually presented in person for maximum results, either in your usual training rooms or a venue. For the larger group requirements a fixed fee can be offered, by arrangement. A webinar presentation can also be arranged (if preferable).

Interested in holding a training workshop? Please either contact us or suggest it to your company or organisation. To discuss how a training workshop could be tailored for your service company and obtain a Workshop brochure, or to make a booking and secure a date, please contact our office:
Phone: 61 2 6577 5560
Email: via the Contact page.

The BENEFITS are extensive . . . options can include: Guides, workbook, membership and Certificate of Completion. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to relevant video interviews on current issues, plus view a presentation highlighting facts, along with other key professional media resources. People who attend can feel comfortable knowing they receive all the relevant details, contacts, guidelines available and they can actively participate by asking questions.

The workshop presentation is all coordinated to initially create awareness, then provide a place for concerted activity, resulting in people becoming not only informed but empowered, and that ultimately helps with prevention. Attendees become proficient and competently able to help clients or customers take action when the need arises to assist with wealth abuse prevention and management. As the reports of financial abuse are increasing, so is the need to be diligent and more effective in dealing with these situations to preserve elders finances and investments. We conclude by thanking everyone for their participation and for their contribution on an ongoing basis to help senior clients or customers deal this issue. Ultimately assisting them to protect their finances for their future.