How will you help?

How can you help a client, friend, family member? World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15 #WEAAD and serves to remind us all to stay vigilant and help protect those who are most vulnerable from abuse in any form, and there are many.

The abuse can range from physical, phycological, emotional, sexual and the most common form is financial! Consider that for a moment. Financial abuse is most common form of abuse. And it can lead to other forms of abuse. Especially if the older person resists.

What can you do as an everyday person? Perhaps place a poster in the office on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Possibly a blog, share on social, a letter to the newspaper, get other people involved and create more awareness. Write to your local politician.

Older People Matter!

The senior elder people are more vulnerable to abuse. They have difficulties standing up to the tactics of the financial predators, the perpetrators looking to access their money, or steal their assets or take valuables.

Keep a close eye on your loved ones. Pay attention to clients if they seem upset or you notice any behavioural changes. The new-found friends that become problematic when it becomes obvious, they’re all too interested in The Money.

Is it really about The Money?
Financial senior exploitation and fraud, or the newly dubbed Inheritance Impatience, make no mistake, is all about accessing the money or assets such as the home or investments. And it can happen to anyone.

Financial predators or any type of perpetrator for that matter is devious, often difficult to detect, they can deliberately create a smoke screen to cover up their real intention – to access, take, steal the finances of a senior or vulnerable person.

There are many genuine carers and helpers, who work hard to assist and take care of or provide services to those who need assistance. They should be commended for the tireless work they do, to help our most vulnerable people.

Avoid becoming isolated
Stay connected with loved ones, clients. The perpetrators could be anyone – a neighbour, new-found friend, a family member, sometimes we hear of a professional person who has been convicted of financial abuse or some other form. Perhaps suggest an answering machine to avoid the pesky sales and scam calls.

The most common financial predator, the research indicates, is an adult child. Can that really be so? The research is there, sadly it is. Know that, it’s against the law. And there’s new laws coming into play, and new initiatives to help better protect those who should be valued.

Older people deserve to be cared for, respected, looked after well in their later years. They’ve worked hard all their lives, paid their taxes, cared for their family, some are war veterans. They have rights and deserve respect, safety, security, with their dignity intact.

Preventing Elder Exploitation & Fraud.

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